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Oakhill Avenue

Oakhill Avenue

A beautiful Edwardian property in a quiet green residential street. Working alongside Claudia Dorsch Interiors we turned this apartment into a comfortable informal city home suited to serving the clients lifestyle during the working week.

The brief was to maximise the connections of the interior spaces to the outdoors.

We redesigned the original cramped kitchen area by knocking walls down, rejigging the stairs to produce a stunning open entrance and kitchen with natural stone flooring which continued onto the terrace as an extension of the dining and relaxing space.

The apartment lacked suitable storage and with limited floor space available we began a process of meticulously planning and drawing every inch of space in the kitchen, hallways, bathrooms, bedrooms and living room.

To create this modern English interior with hints of Moroccan charm, we had only three existing pieces to inform the scheme of colours, textures, fabrics, tiles, lighting and furniture; a walnut wardrobe, a pink Andy Warhol sunset screen print and an antique marble top escritoire and a requirement that fabrics had to be dog friendly and entertaining should be informal.