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    TopCret Flooring

    TopCret Flooring

    Topcret’s Microcemento┬« is a versatile coating ideal for creating sophisticated environments, for use on both floors and walls, indoors or outdoors.

    Microcemento as it is commonly known in Europe, is a fine coating of cement combined with fine aggregates mixed with water based liquid polymers or powdered resin polymers. The coating is made up of between three to four very thin coats of product.

    It is ideal for coating, both indoors and outdoors, walls, floors, stairs, kitchens, bathrooms, outdoor furniture, and swimming pools since it is not necessary to remove the existing material.

    Also, Microcemento® can be placed both vertically and horizontally without a problem. Although the application of micro-cement started a little over a decade ago, in recent years its use has spread widely throughout the world. Therefore, we believe that Microcemento® is the best choice for those who need to do any kind of renovation work.