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SUMMERY (Heated Floor)

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Topcret has been covering floors and walls in homes, hotels and shops for more than a decade, with micro-coatings such as Microcemento® and Baxab® Market demands have driven Topcret’s Innovation Labs to create Summery, the perfect fusion of technology and design that allows any Topcret coating to be heated.

An invisible heating mesh is incorporated into the micro-coating to enable ideal temperatures at all times, even in humid areas like bathrooms and kitchens. Your home or business is kept comfortably warm in a uniform and adjustable way. This is achieved through the use of a mesh that is easily linked to your electrical system and is completely safe. This heat conduction system is extremely robust; the surface can be drilled and independent electrical outlets or other devices easily installed.

”Summery is a heated micro-cement created to bring comfort and warmth to your home or business”.

The assembly and application of Summery is performed by Topcret personnel in the same way as any other product in the brand catalogue. Being a material recommended for renovations and for large facilities such as shops, it is possible to apply it on the existing base without creating additional debris or requiring demanding maintenance. Like the rest of Topcret products, the coating is applied manually using a trowel that creates unique surfaces, so each application is one-of-a-kind.

Key features of Summery:

Only 3mm thick, the thinnest electric base heating system on the market
Quickly installed and ready for use
Available in a wide range of colours and with the sophisticated micro-cement finish
Completely waterproof
Highly adhesive
CE certified
Fast heating
Only activates when necessary
Safe technology with low voltage (24V)
Practically unlimited operational life
Quality: uses a German technological development system
System with energy consumption meter MID


It can be applied directly to multiple existing surfaces such as ceramics, cement, metal or plastic.
Maintenance-free, highly efficient heating saves time and money
Because its waterproof it can be safely used in bathrooms and wet areas
Aesthetically attractive with no radiators, pipes, or bulky appliances visible
Seamless surfaces that do not require joints or cuts
Possible to achieve energy savings of up to 20% as it consumes up to 50% less energy than conventional electric heating systems
Environmentally friendly as there are no CO2 emissions
With the elimination of dry air and dust particles, it provides additional comfort for people suffering from allergies
Ideal for low or passive energy homes
Easy to maintain
Definitive solution to combat mold and condensation problems
Elimination of space needed to store fuel or heating systems