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    Bespoke Furniture – The rise of the at home bar

    Bespoke Furniture – The rise of the at home bar

    Having a bar at home seems to be a trend that is catching, because let’s face it, who wouldn’t enjoy being able to host a dinner party and reveal a little hidden cocktail bar.

    Since today’s take on modern small home bar ideas happens to be more on the minimal side, we always encourage our clients to think about how you can keep your entertaining space clutter-free via a cleverly concealed home bar.

    You want to ensure that your entertaining space is comfortable and that everything you might need for the perfect dinner party is close by.

    With that in mind, here are some ideas for the perfect home bar:

    The Bespoke Piece

    Here at Cast by The London Joinery we want to ensure that our clients can have everything they want for their home, that’s why our bespoke bar pieces are the perfect fit if you have space constraints.

    If you’re tight on space but looking to have a bar area in your entertaining space why not have it made bespoke? That way you can tailor it to suit your space and ensure that it is a perfect fit.

    From wine rooms, to hidden bars, bespoke bars really can transform the way you entertain.

    The Wine Room 

    If you’re a wine lover and you are looking for somewhere to showcase your collection, a wine room could perfectly compliment your home.

    You can rest assured that your wine will be safe in it’s own space with a room or shelving unit designed specifically for that purpose.

    Create areas of open shelving that will help you create display vignettes of your favourite cherished collectibles.

    The Complete Home Bar

    If you have plenty of space for home bar ideas, why not create a home bar that boasts an island to let guests sit at? By doing so, you’ll be able to make the space feel much more conversational and well-judged.

    Nothing beats a bespoke-built in home bar and it is an impressive space to have in your home if you enjoy entertaining.

    Make it an extension of your kitchen design or create something individual, just remember to incorporate enough space to sit and enjoy it.

    If you’re looking to create the perfect at home bar, speak to the Cast by The London Joinery team for more information:

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