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    Choosing the Right Designer for Your Project

    Choosing the Right Designer for Your Project

    We are often asked about the architects our clients use for their projects, that’s why we decided to share some information on what you need to know in order to find an architect for your build.

    In order to find an architect to bring your dream home to life, there is a lot to consider. An architect will be able to take your project ideas from imagination to the drawing board; they will be able to create a design which is tailored to you and consider all possible obstacles so that you sail through planning permission and move forward to build stage.

    Their knowledge and expertise can be the making of a self build or substantial extension project – after all, what they design will be the place you call home – so choosing the right architect for you is perhaps one of the most important decisions you’ll make.

    Our top tips include:

    • Get a Brief in Place Before You Find an Architect

      • number of bedrooms
      • number of bathrooms
      • architectural styles you like
      • materials you favour
      • are you after an open plan arrangement?
    • Use the RIBA (The Royal Institute of British Architects) – Find an Architect tool to help you search.
    • When interviewing various architects for the job, one of the deciding factors should be whether you get on, and whether you feel confident enough that you’d be able to approach them about anything and it all run smooth.
    • Find an Architect Who Has Experience With the Planners
    • Review their previous work
    • Make sure your architect listens to you and respects your budget

    Most importantly, enjoy the design process with your architect. If you are unsure make sure you asked them what they would do and what vision they have for the space, bouncing ideas around can only lead to great things.

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