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    20 kitchen design trends for 2020

    20 kitchen design trends for 2020

    The Cast London team share some insight into what’s hot in the world of kitchen design for 2020.

    If you’re looking to remodel your kitchen or refresh a tired kitchen cabinet colour scheme, every effective kitchen combines many elements – layout, cabinets, worktops, appliances, tiling, and so forth. But what’s hot in the world of kitchen design for 2020?

    It will come as no surprise that 2020 is the year of the living-working kitchen. With so many people working from home, kitchens and dining areas have turned into school desks and offices. Kitchens have once again become the centre point of homes and you want to make to sure that your kitchen is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing.

    There are, of course, some strong key themes this year. Storage is, and will continue to be, a big part of the kitchen space, especially for smaller kitchens. There’s also an increased focus on sustainability and the need for quality furniture that is environmentally friendly, so as consumers we’re becoming more conscious about the products we buy for our home.

    Top trends include the:

    • Monochromatic and black kitchens – Kitchen ranges in shades of black, white, charcoal and even midnight are still proving to stand the test of time. Monochromatic kitchen colour schemes offer a sleek and elegant design that will complement a modern apartment or can be incorporated into a traditional kitchen for the perfect family home.
    • The painted kitchen – The ‘painted kitchen’ is a practical choice, offering a modern take on a more traditional look and finish. A staple finish here at Cast by The London Joinery Co.
    • ‘Flextension’ and family-first layouts – Multi-generational living has ousted the one-size-fits-all kitchen to welcome future-proof design catering to a growing population that is living longer, marrying later and demanding more in terms of valuable interior design.
    • The colourful kitchen – There’s a growing interest in brave yet tasteful colours in the kitchen, from vivid greens to deep purples.
    • Clever concealed storage – Interior storage solutions are having a moment. We have lots to store in the kitchen but we don’t necessarily want it to be on show, so it’s no surprise that discreet storage solutions, or rather hide-and-seek storage, is a must in the kitchen.
    • Sustainability and eco-friendly kitchens – As we move into 2020, research shows that eco-credentials are a growing concern to the modern homeowner, following a new consciousness surrounding our planet and how we can save energy.
    • Built-in appliances – With a nod to convenience and practicality, searches for ‘built in kitchen appliances’ has seen a 160% rise (Google Trend Data 2018 – 2019), revealing a need for appliances that fit around our lifestyles, are easy to maintain and requires minimal upkeep.
    • Broken-plan living – An emerging trend in the last few years, the kitchen, living room and dining area are all merging into one open-plan space.
    • Ladders make a return – Ladders are having a resurgence, adding a striking and practical addition to traditional style kitchens.
    • Smart tech – Technology will be key for kitchen designs to coincide with the evolution of modern lifestyles, all whilst maintaining a high end, sleek aesthetic.
    • The larder on display – A desired kitchen feature, the modern kitchen larder is becoming more bespoke for 2020.
    • Decorative worktops – Bold veined worktops seem to be a massive hit in 2020 and many manufacturers suggest that this won’t change anytime soon.
    • Open Storage – Using shelves and open storage cabinets are a massive trend this year. Gone are the days of cluttering your cupboards.

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